India’s photo studio is a white photo lab

India’s Photo Studio is a private business with a white staff of three employees, all white, which was shut down on Friday. 

The photo studio had a white owner and staff that employed one person.

Photo Studio Upstream was set up in August 2017 by a former employee of the photo studio. 

Photo Studio Uproot, which is in the middle of a $5 million expansion in Mumbai, had two employees who were not Indian. 

In October 2017, Photo Studio was set to be closed down after the Mumbai Police started an investigation into the incident, but was allowed to stay open. 

According to the Indian Express, the photo lab was set for closure in March 2019 and the owners have been trying to restart it for years, but the business was shuttered by the police in December 2019. 

“The owners have tried to reopen the business for several years, and they have tried every option available to them.

This was a tragic situation for the employees,” said Anil Shah, a lawyer who is assisting the owners in their fight. 

He added that there was a clause in the company’s lease that the owner could not transfer it to another person. 

After the owners failed to get a lease renewed, they decided to set up another business. 

India has about 2.6 million people of Indian descent. 

This is a developing story.

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