When a magic photo studio in Toronto shut down, we’ll never know the story

Magic Photo Studio in Mississauga, Canada, has closed.

The studio closed on Friday.

Staff members say the studio closed because the owners wanted to move to Canada, not because they were being bullied.

Magic Photo Studios has been in the business since 2010, according to its Facebook page.

It was one of many photo studios in Mississantas history.

Staff said the owners said they were closing because the company had no customers and because of the threat of legal action.

Staff member Chris Smith said they would like to bring Magic Photo studios back to Mississauga.

“We have no regrets whatsoever,” Smith said.

Staff were able to recover some items from the studio, but there were some that were never returned.

Magic Photos studio is located at 622 Main St. in Mississatias north west suburbs.

Smith said that while the owners did not make a threat against staff, it could have been a potential threat.

Smith added that the owner of the business, Jason Wren, also has been arrested on criminal mischief charges.

Smith and the other staff members say they were not notified of the closure until it happened.

Smith was at the studio when it closed and was able to take photos.

He said it was just as exciting as the day it opened, but said there were many other people who would like the studio to stay open.

Smith hopes the studio will reopen as soon as possible.