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Medical,TheMedicalNewsDaily,MedicalNews,Health,Movies,Mentalhealth,Healthcare,medical-technology,lifestyle,samsung,sales-tech,solar source MedicalNews Today title Samsung Electronics will unveil its first smartwatch during the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, on Sunday, September 15, 2018. 

Read More  The company, which recently launched the first smartphone with a battery life of up to five hours, has announced that the Samsung Galaxy Watch, which has a 3D-touch display and features a flexible band and an embedded smartwatch band, will launch in October. 

It will go on sale in late September for $349.

The watch will be powered by Samsung’s latest technology, the Samsung Watch Sport. 

The smartwatch features an OLED display that is covered by a silicone band that can be removed to reveal a rotating display and watch face. 

Its main features include a heart rate monitor and heart rate strap, and a heart monitor and an accelerometer. 

In addition, it will have a 360-degree camera that will be able to capture a 360 degree image of your body and can be used for health-related applications. 

A companion app will also be available to assist with the watch’s function. 

Samsung will also launch the Samsung Smartwatch 2, which will be the first smart watch with an integrated smartwatch-like band. 

According to the company, the first Smartwatch is set to go on public sale in the US in November. 

“Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is the first in a series of wearable technology that will allow consumers to have more of an active life by using the wearable device to interact with their environment and be a part of the entertainment experience,” Samsung said in a statement. 

As well as a smartwatch, the company is also developing a smart home device. 

There are already dozens of smartwatches on the market, and the company said it was investing in an additional smart home company to “help us to provide the next generation of smart home devices and software.” 

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will also go on market, but is still in development, according to Samsung. Read More