What you need to know about photo studio Femme

A Canadian studio has announced it will stop producing photos of women who don’t fit the “girl code.”

The company’s president, Christine Beyak, says the company has a long history of producing beautiful, young models, and the new policy has been inspired by her own daughter.

“We’ve had a lot of women come to us for a few photos that they felt were inappropriate and that they didn’t like, and that was their problem,” Beyacks said at the Women in Photography Expo in Toronto on Friday.

Beyaker said she has been asked by the industry to stop producing the photos because she believes the current policy encourages young women to not feel comfortable modeling.

“There’s a lot that goes into it, and it is really hard for us to look at our own work and not feel like we have something to prove to the world that we are worth our time,” she said.

“And so we want to create a space where you can just say: ‘OK, here are my experiences with it.

Here are my stories.

Here is what I know that’s OK.'”

Beyakers daughter is a photographer, and she was one of the models featured in the new campaign.

Belyak said she was not personally offended by the images, but felt it was important to have her voice heard.

“I don’t think there’s a big issue with our community.

I think it’s a matter of people taking the time to understand it and to understand why it’s important to do this, and to not have it happen to them, and not have people who are in a position to stop them from doing it.”

The campaign aims to end the “boy code,” in which girls are expected to model as young as possible and to keep their appearance modest.

The campaign’s Facebook page has more than 7,500 likes.

Bezak said the campaign’s goal is to change the “boys code” to a “girls code.”

“It’s been really important for me to be able to be a part of this movement, to be the one who speaks to young girls, and who can be a voice for them,” she told reporters.

“To say, ‘Look, this is something that’s wrong.

It’s not OK.’

And then say, OK, you’ve got to do something about it.'”

Bezakers daughter said she had no idea the campaign would be a hit, and said she did not know that the campaign had generated so much media attention.

“It just seemed like the right thing to do,” she added.

Beyers daughter was also disappointed with the new approach to the “girls” in the campaign.

“You don’t see this in any other industry that we know of, but there is a lot more support and a lot less criticism of this type,” she noted.

Beyerak said there will be more awareness and awareness in the industry about the issues surrounding the “Girl Code.”

“The problem is we are still not really understanding the problem,” she explained.

“The ‘boy code’ has become this sort of shorthand that we use for how girls should look.

That’s the only way that we can think of to solve this.”

Beyakes daughter said that the new “girl-friendly” campaign is a positive step toward changing the “bizarre” culture of the industry.

“At this point, I’m excited to see what we can do to bring awareness and change,” she continued.

“A lot of the boys in the room were like: ‘What the hell is this?

Why is this happening?’

So I’m hoping that we will be able create a new norm for what’s acceptable in the studio.”