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By now, you’re probably familiar with the Mona Lisa, a painting by Italian master Leonardo da Vinci that was painted on the walls of the Louvre in Paris in 1699.

The Mona Rose, also known as the Rose of Sharon, is the second Mona work that was made by Leonardo, after his wife Francesco da Milanesi.

Mona and Francesco were married in 1683, and were both widowed by their respective deaths.

The painting’s story is the subject of a documentary that aired on the BBC’s This Morning in April, and will be re-broadcast for the first time this Sunday. 

The Mona Lily, by Mona da Verdi, was also created in the 1680s, and was originally a portrait of a woman, but was painted to look like a flower. 

This is a photo of Mona in the Louve museum in Paris, during a visit to the Louvain Louvre and the Monastère de l’Oiseau museum in 1591, when he was a child. 

In the 17th century, Mona became a leading figure in the Renaissance art movement.

He studied in Rome and was commissioned to paint a fresco by the Medici family in Venice in 1605.

He also had an important painting made in his lifetime, the Monacole of Thebes. 

His wife, Francesco, died in 1619, and he took on a life of leisure and artistic pursuits.

In 1727, Monacoli was commissioned by King Louis XVI to paint his first major painting, an engraving of an ancient Roman god. 

He also completed the fresco on the Monadonna. 

After he died, he left his works in a tomb, but in 1727 he was restored to life. 

Today, Monamé is a well-known painting in Mona’s collection, and is often seen at public events, including the unveiling of the new Mona Maria Museum in Paris. 

Monamé by Monamès is a bronze figure of a girl, surrounded by a bunch of flowers and a crown. 

Its head is a bird, its wings a bird. 

I’ve included a selection of Monamemos most iconic images below, which include the Monamée of the Sun and Monamés portraits of Marie Antoinette and Adrienne Richart, which are also included in this collection. 

#Monamè #Bouffalant  A photo posted by MonAmé (@monamemes) on Oct 17, 2017 at 3:22pm PDT

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