How to Get Into Your Teen’s Room With A Camera: What’s The Best Photo Setup?

This week’s Teen Mom 2 finale saw two very different families.

Amber and Jen were happy and content with their lives.

But Amber’s mom, Brittany, had plans for her son that didn’t sit well with the other moms.

As the Teen Mom OG finale rolled on, Jen and Amber’s mother, Leah, were faced with a difficult choice: Leave their son behind in order to take care of their daughter, or go on a quest to find him. 

How to Get into Your Teen Mom’s Room with a Camera: The Best Picture Setup for Your Teen, Part 2 With Jen and Leah at the ready to go, Jen went ahead and brought her new baby son to Amber’s room, to the delight of her daughter, Leah.

Leah’s reaction to the new arrival?

She immediately brought out a camera to take a photo of the two young parents. 

“I love you, Jen,” Leah exclaimed, as she held the camera in front of her baby.

“You are the best.

You are the most wonderful, the most loving, the best.”

As Leah took the photo, Jen let out a small laugh.

“I love this picture, Jen, I love this,” Jen told her daughter.

“This is a little bit of a surprise, but you are so beautiful.

So you’re so cute.

You’re so funny.

You do everything perfect, you are the greatest.

And I love you.”

After all, Jen was the one who decided to take the photo of her son and not her. 

Jen was so thrilled when she realized she was pregnant with Leah’s baby that she decided to give the mom the big moment.

“So we are so happy, and I am just so grateful for that moment,” Jen said. 

She then put the baby to sleep and left the room, and the two mothers walked out together. 

However, Leah wasn’t content with that moment.

She quickly took the camera back to the house to see if it had been turned on, but it wasn’t there.

Jen then told her mom to take it back, but Leah had already left the house. 

At first, Jen tried to explain to Leah why she left.

“But I couldn’t believe she left,” Jen explained.

“She said she was leaving because I was the mother of the baby, and she said that wasn’t true.

And it just didn’t make sense to me.” 

Jen went on to explain that she would not have been happy if Leah left her son behind.

“My mother would have been very upset with me,” she told Leah.

“If she could just do what she wanted to do with her son, she would have never done it.

So I would have loved to have had a baby with her.” 

However in the end, Jen did take her daughter to her new home.

And now, Leah is pregnant again with her own baby.

Jen, on the other hand, has already lost another child.

She was forced to relinquish the baby and move into a different home, after her ex-husband, Jeremy, threatened to kill his child.

“The baby was taken from me,” Jen revealed to Leah in a recent episode.

“It was my baby.

I just didn´t know how to deal with it.

I wasn’t able to handle it.” 

What do you think of Jen’s reaction when Leah found out about Jen’s pregnancy?

Are you sad to see Jen go?

Or are you happy for Leah?

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