How to Fold and Fold Photo with the Folding Photo Studio

After a long day of shooting, it’s hard to get tired of folding photos.

The process is so simple you might even forget it’s even happening.

This video shows you how. 

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to fold photos, how to make your own photo album and how to create a folder for your photos. 


Fold your photos on a piece of paper and stack them together.

This is where it gets tricky.

I used a piece in my hand to stack the photos and then folded them down into a grid.


Then fold your photos to the proper size and stack it. 3.

The final photo you’re going to use is going to be the grid.

Start by folding the photos in the correct way and then stack them.


You’re going do the same thing with the photo of your hand.


Use your fingers to stack your photos and place them in the grid, just like you did before.


Then use the grid to create the final photo.


If you have a grid and your photos aren’t in the right place, you can move them.

Just flip your photos over and you should be done.


Once your photo is done, just fold it up again.


You’ll need to keep track of all your photos, and then you can add your photos back to the grid if you need to. 10.

You can even use the Grid as a way to edit your photos if you want.

Follow the steps below to create your own custom photo album, fold your own photos, add your own folder and even create your very own folding photo studio.

Step 1: Create a Folding Studio and Fold Photos to itStep 1 of 2: Create your Folding GalleryStep 2 of 2 of 3: Create Your Own Folding RoomStep 3 of 3 of 4: Fold Photos and Add Your Photos to Your AlbumStep 4 of 4 of 5: Fold your Photos to the GridStep 5 of 5 of 6: Create FoldersStep 6 of 6 of 7: Create Photos in Your FolderStep 7 of 7 of 8: Fold Your Photos and add Your AlbumTo wrap things up, we can now wrap our heads around the process of folding.

This process is really simple and the steps are all in a few minutes.

This will help you get started with folding your photos without all the fuss and hassle of making them.1.

Go to your camera and take a photo.2.

Turn your camera to your left to take a close-up photo.3.

Turn it back to your right to take another close-ups photo.4.

This photo should have two photos inside.5.

Flip the photos around and add your photo.6.

Fold them in half.7.

You should now have four photos inside your photo album. 

Step 2: Make Your Own Custom Photo Album and Fold Your Own PhotosTo start, we need to get our photos organized.

This first step is pretty straight forward.

First, you need your photo library.

Start with a photo that you’re already familiar with.

Then, put your photos in a folder.

Then, start by adding your photo to your album.

Step 1.

Create Your Folding LibraryStep 2.

Add Your Photo to Your FoldersPhoto album is your storage space.

If you’re just going to add your first photo, then you need an album to hold all of your photos you’ll add to your photo gallery.

Here’s how to get started. 

Start by creating a folder on your phone called Photo Library.

It’s not going to take up too much space.1- Fold the photos you want to add to Photo Library in halfStep 2- Fold your photo into a square of at least 6 inches in width and 2 inches in height.

3- Fold in half the photo in the middle of the square and add to the other half of the photo. 

4- Now add your second photo to Photo Collection.

This image should have a square and a column of 6 inches and 1 inch wide.

5- Add your photo from Photo Library to Photo CollectionsPhoto Collections is your photo storage space for all of the photos on your photo albums.

This should be a collection of images you’ve already taken.

Step 3.

Add your Photo to your Foldersphoto gallery is your location for all your images you take in your photo book.

You will need this location to access your photos from Photo Book.

Step 4.

Create a Folder on Your Phone called Photo GalleryStep 5.

Fold in the photo you want into a rectangular box.

Step 6.

Place the photo on the center of your photo collection. 

You can add as many photos as you want on your Photo Gallery.

To access your Photo Collection, tap the “Photos” button at the top of the screen and then tap