Irish man jailed for murdering his girlfriend’s baby

A Dublin man has been jailed for the murder of his girlfriend after he left her for dead at a Dublin hotel and took her baby to a secluded location.

Michael D’Amore, 33, was convicted of murdering the 35-year-old’s 24-month-old daughter in her hotel room on November 3 last year.

He had pleaded not guilty to murder in the District Court.

The court heard that D’Armore took his girlfriend to the hotel after taking a break to pick up his girlfriend from a party and was then discovered at the top of the stairs by her sister.

He then stabbed her in the head, leaving her lying on the ground.

The victim’s mother called police, who arrived on the scene but did not locate D’Artemes.

The judge said that D”Armore had no idea how his actions could lead to his daughter’s death.

The murder was one of the worst he had ever committed, he added.

D’Armie was sentenced to 18 years in jail for murdering the woman in the hotel room and was released on licence after serving a year and a half in prison.

Judge John Breen sentenced D’Alles to three years and four months in prison for his role in the murder.

Judge Breen said D’Almas was a “troubled” man and the case was “an extremely tragic one”.

He said D”Artemas “did not deserve to die”.

“I accept that he had no intention of killing Ms Almas and was not acting in self-defence.

I do not accept that his actions were justified,” Judge Breeze said.

He added that he was satisfied that D*Artemis actions were “totally beyond belief”.

D’Dalles had pleaded guilty to the murder in March last year after he admitted killing the woman at the time she was pregnant with their daughter.

He was sentenced by Judge Blyn to five years and two months in jail after he pleaded guilty in January to the charge of murder and sentenced to two years for his involvement in the crime.

D*Almas had said she did not want to have children but had been sexually assaulted by D’Carmie after he took her to a hotel and then took her home to the family’s house.

She was left to die.

The baby was found three days later in D’alla and her parents said they had “never heard from him”.

The woman’s father said his daughter was a loving mother and would never have wanted her daughter to be killed.

“It’s just a horrible, terrible day.

We just can’t believe it,” he said.

Dalles was initially charged with the murder, but was later cleared.

Judge O’Donnell said he believed the sentence was “well proportionate”.