How to be a better dad with the kids

The kids need to be better at taking care of themselves.

They need to know how to handle their emotions and to be more aware of what they are feeling.

They also need to learn to understand that the only way to be happy is to be healthy.

But even these basic steps can be a challenge, says psychologist and parent psychologist Dr Michael Bovey.

“Children are very sensitive, they can be overwhelmed by emotions, and when they don’t understand what they’re experiencing, they’re not able to understand how they’re feeling,” Dr Boveys told 7.30.

“So the idea is to give them an understanding of the world, of the human experience, so they can understand why it’s happening to them.”

Dr Boves advice to parents on what to expect from the kids at school, and how to deal with the challenges of parenting at home can be found in his book, What to Expect: The Parenting Handbook.

Dr Bears the book in the family, but it’s also available in many schools and online.

Dr Michael is a consultant psychologist, family therapist and parent and is based in Melbourne.

Dr Brian Coyle is a clinical psychologist and specialist in children and family psychology and the chair of the Child and Family Psychotherapy and Parenting Committee of the National Child and Adolescent Mental Health Council.

He is a lecturer in clinical psychology at the University of Western Australia.

He can be reached at [email protected]

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