Photographer costs $15K to make exotic photo studio photos

Photo studio photographer Jason Leopold, who made nearly 1,000 exotic photo sets for clients in Africa, says his costs were in the range of $15,000.

Leopold said he had to hire a full-time staff of seven people, which included a photo lab, lighting, and an optical printer.

He said he spent about $1,000 a month on equipment.

Leopolds studio is a one-person operation, so he’s not looking for clients for the time he has left to take on more exotic shoots.

In 2014, Leopolds photography career took off after he photographed a group of tigers in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

“The tiger cubs were in a cage with their mothers.

There was no light and it was very hot.

I didn’t know what to do,” Leoplies wife, Samantha, told the Associated Press.

When Leopels son was born, Leotold moved to Los Angeles, and began making more exotic photos for clients, which he sells on his own website.

His clients include celebrities, politicians, military personnel, and business owners.

He also makes photographs for private individuals who want to show their pets or their family.

He said that he sells the photos to private businesses, such as a spa in San Francisco, which has sold Leopould more than $2 million worth of exotic photos.

This week, Leomids wife posted on Facebook a photo of herself posing with a tiger at her home.

“A lioness who I love to take photos of and take pictures of my own cubs,” Leomid wrote.

More to come.

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