‘Zoner’ photo studio to reopen in 2019

The Zoner photo studio in Toronto is going to be open in 2019.

The photo studio is located on the ground floor of the former Hotel Bloor.

“We are extremely excited to reopen our first location in 2019 and look forward to bringing the most creative and innovative photography to Toronto,” said Jain Singh, owner of Zoner Photo Studio.

The studio is in the basement of the Hotel Bloordie.

The basement is also a photography and art space.

Singh said the building has a huge amount of historical and cultural value.

The Zoner has been in the city for more than a century.

It has a number of exhibitions, including the Toronto Art Gallery, the Ontario Society for the Protection of Artistic and Historic Monuments and the Toronto Historical Society.

The gallery is still there and the showroom is still open.

The hotel is owned by Toronto-based developer Jain Enterprises.