Los Angeles’ Lala Photo Studio is closing its doors

Posted February 05, 2019 10:56:30LAKE FOREST, Calif.

(AP) Lala photo studios, a photo and video studio with offices in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura, has closed its doors after nearly two decades.

Owner John Lassiter says the studio, which closed in December 2017, was “too small and underfunded to keep going.”

The studio was founded by photographer John Lassi and his wife, Michelle.

In the late 1980s, he moved to the West Coast, where he taught photography at Santa Barbara College.

It was there he met his wife.

Michelle was working at the time for Lassi’s father, a retired police officer, and her mother.

“When she came over to Los Angeles she saw me working with Lassi on his films and knew she wanted to make films,” Lassi says.

“That’s how it all started.”

“I was so proud of what he was doing, so happy that he was creating so many images and capturing that moment in time that people would never forget,” he says.

Lassi says Lala had a very unique vision.

“He had a vision for how to capture that moment and what it would be like.

He was a real visionary, he was an artist, he loved making beautiful images.”

The Lassi family says the closure will bring an end to an era.

“It’s sad to say goodbye to a great family and friends and colleagues, and it’s a great loss to the world,” said John Lasseiter in a statement.