How The Mind Of A Man With Autism Is Changing Your Life: 10 Things You Need To Know about Mental Illness

I’m still not sure if I understand why people with autism have such a hard time connecting with others, but I’m glad that I am one of them. 

In a perfect world, autism would have made me a more likable person, but it also caused me to be more sensitive to people who have different views of autism.

I think the problem is that I just can’t be like them.

“You have to be able to get across to people with different views that you have,” said Iman, who is a filmmaker with a disability.

“It’s kind of like you have to find your own way.”

In addition to being able to see and hear people with disabilities, Iman said she’s found the support she needs from her peers.

While the majority of people with ASD have difficulty with social interaction, there are people who find their way through the world through their unique personalities.

One such person is photographer and filmmaker Iman Salyer.

Salyer said that while she’s often surprised by the reactions of people around her with autism, she is also amazed by the amount of support she gets.

“It’s like I’ve never seen anything like this,” Salyar said.

“I get so many hugs from people who are different than me and they don’t expect me to have the same interests.

It’s really incredible.”

Iman S. Salyers photo. 

Sally, an autistic artist who has worked on multiple projects including a series about autism called A Child With Autism and a documentary about autism titled The Autism Advantage, said she is always amazed by how supportive people are with autistic people.

 “People who are just like us and don’t care,” Sally said.

She said that she’s not sure what she’d do without her art.

A few years ago, Salyeri decided to make a documentary to share her work and the stories of people like her.

I’m proud of the way I’ve created a documentary that is truly accessible for people with an autism spectrum disorder.

Sally said that the support from her community has been overwhelming.

Despite being a filmmaker, Sasyer said she loves being an artist, and that she hopes to make more films in the future.

Follow Michelle S. on Twitter @michaelsamosny.

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